Skyebird Juice Bar and Experimental Kitchen

Devin and Krystal Edwards

In front of Skyebird

In front of Skyebird

It’s literally refreshing to come across a company like skyebird, a company that stands by their core principles and beliefs, all the while providing tasty, healthy goodies to their family and community in the heart of the East End Market. Devin and Krystal Edwards passion and commitment to share their love for fresh, heathy ingredients is incredible. Devin growing up on his grandmothers farm in Georgia, and Krystal being a certified nutritional coach, both are no strangers to fresh ingredients. They support our local farmers/ suppliers and you can tell Skyebird knows the importance of using seasonal, organic, locally sourced foods. By them making pretty much everything from scratch in-house is unbelievable. Kombucha, fresh almond and sunflower milk or revising how much or less of a specific ingredient to put in a juice for example, to keep the taste consistent is dedication. The world is getting more health conscious by the day and there are more and more healthy food related venus popping up…..but to find the love and dedicated that skyebird has is rare.


Devin and Krystal are not doing anything new, but they do feel like they are doing it for the right reasons with very specific core objectives that they are not willing to change like using organic, local, and mason jars instead of plastic! If you want to change the way things work in a society that is driven by the big corporations,serving up processed, GMO foods, you are going to have to force people to review the way they are eating and buying (the glass jars are a big part of that), its only over time that people are going to change.

“if you expect our juice to taste the same every time, you’re going to need to shift you perception because that is not how nature works” Devin Edwards

You have to respect that!


There are many people who love to juice and its a away of life for them. Juicing can be a way of life for some people who are going though health issues and have to be on specially or restricted diets as well. Although what people decide to eat and how they feed their bodies is a personal choice.


“If you want to replace a meal with juice once a day, sure, why not?….your never going to be able to eat the amount of fruit and vegetables your going to get from a juice in one sitting.” Krystal Edwards


Opening Skyebird, you will be happy to know they went with all new equipment that was well worth the initial investment. If you’re getting into juice the Edwards recommends the omega8005 as an affordable route, but you will have to cutting your fruits and veggies into smaller pieces because it’s a geared juicer. If you’re a serious avid juicer/home foodie and is going to take the time, the Edwards suggest the Norwalk it is a hydraulic press juicer that can also make fresh baby food, you can mill your own corn meal and wheat flour for fresher tasting baked goods, makes nut butters (peanut, almond, cashew..), you can even make your own ice-cream or frozen desert on it. WOW! It’s great for a businesses such as if you make goods for sale like homemade but butters. Keep in mind the The Norwalk is a pricier option, and time-consuming.


I was surprised to find out that wood on the bar was pre-war wood from Devin’s grandmothers farm in Georgia. the old apple crates are from the barn and the little circles of wood on the cabinet came from Devin’s dad property in north Georgia. It’s inspiring to know the history and how much thought and care was put into the design.


At the end of the day Skyebird is a great new addition to Central Fl. community they put love and care into every glass of juice and everything they do. We at freshdaily101 visit often and love trying new product from Skyebird @ the Eastend Market and if you have never been we urge you to make your first visit. You will not be disappointed, you will be happy you made the trip and know it will not be your last.


  Chef Matthew        Chef Matthew Cargo

Chef Della Cucina Matthew Cargo at Prato


Matthew Cargo talented Chef Della Cucina at Prato since opening in 2008 was honored that Chef Brandon McGlamery asked him to take on that title and the task of helping to build a kitchen team and to make the cuisine at Prato what it is today. A title and task to which he took very seriously, because it also came with a huge responsibility of producing the best quality of food, the customers love at Prato today. Chef Brandon obviously had faith and no doubt that Chef Matthew was up for the challenge, because look at Prato now.


Born and raised in florida, Chef Matthew grew up with his mom and brother. At a young age he wanted to help his mom out by having dinner ready, when she came home. He would find anything in the pantry and cook something up, and it made him feel good that he could do that for them. There is where it all began. Chef Matt’s first job was in a restaurant and ever since then he has worked his way up. Having worked at many venues, learning many lessons and skills along the way, it was at Luma and working with Chef Brandon that was a turning point for him. Under Chef Brandon, he got to experience new things, like the menu changing daily, using fresh, seasonal, local, and sustainable ingredients, which was inspiring.


Italian style of cooking is far from something new to him. His grandmother is Italian, and grew up loving Italian food, but italian is not his only love. He goes on to say, “I love refined food, I love everything about food, every style, every cuisine”. Which is music to our ears at Fresh Daily 101. At Prato they work as a team, they create, everything flows, their food comes together, they all try together, critique each other, read books, go out to eat bring their experience back to the restaurant. The staff at Prato are passionate and young, Chef Matt believe’s that’s what really fuels the restaurant and the menu. Prato produces a different style of food, rustic Italian with a twist.

“It’s not your cliché of what you think Italian food is, it definitely has a flare and style to it”.

Prato is unique because it’s a group of people who are close to him, people he has worked with at some point in time that he had the great opportunity to ask to come with him to Prato to create, work hard and make Prato great.


Chef Matt is responsible for the creations on the menu. A responsibility he doesn’t take lightly. He says, “ if I don’t encourage and motive my people, if the menu or I get stagnant it falls back on me…I’m responsible for the menu I am the chef of the cuisine …so that makes me get up everyday and push myself that much harder!”. Which is part of the core that drives him to be better everyday. Traveling and experiencing new places and different foods where every he goes, he says, “I’ve realize that, New York, San Francisco, Chicago all these places are great, but what we’re doing now!, here in Orlando, where doing something great too and our food is just as good. We are kind of in the midst of changing Orlando”.


Getting fresh ingredients is whole other story. There are a couple of farms that Prato work’s with to the fresh of the fresh. Rabbit Run Farms based out of Naples, Frog Song Organics, and My Yard Farm are the main farms, just to name a few. “I get an email from rabbit run farm let me know what they have in stock and then I tell how much I want from what they have. I have a standing order of squash blossoms from My Yard Farms. We look for professional, dedicated farmers and consistency,” says Chef Matt.


Chef jokes, about not knowing why Prato is so successful, but he does know why. Prato’s team is passionate, driven, they come everyday and give their best. He clearly states, “we don’t cut corners, we are honest, very humble, dedicated and it comes across in the service and most of all the food. We just want to make our mark! And continue to grow!.”


“Just because its rustic doesn’t make its sloppy” is Chef Matthew’s final Quote.”